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Types of daffodils: Cyclamineus


Daffodils all fall under the botanical name, Narcissus. There are 13 official divisions of daffodils, or Narcissus. Each division has special classifications and specific Narcissus plant info that defines in which class each species falls into. Cyclamineus is one daffodil division.

Cyclamineus is defined as one of the official divisions of daffodils. Cyclamineus daffodils received their name from their flowers with a short neck, which are sharply angled toward the stem, just like cyclamen blooms. A lot of these daffodil varieties feature have reflexed petals, creating even greater similarity to cyclamen. Usually on each stem you will find one flower, the color is yellow or white with a cup of the same or a contrasting color.
A nice example to plant in your garden is Narcissus Jetfire or Warbler.

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