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Types of daffodils: The jonquil flower

Daffodils all fall under the botanical name, Narcissus. There are 13 official divisions of daffodils, or Narcissus. Each division has special classifications and specific Narcissus plant info that defines in which class each species falls into. The jonquil flower belongs to one division.

Sometimes jonquils may be called daffodils but this is botanically incorrect. Jonquils are defined as one of the 13 official division of daffodils.
Jonquils have one to five flowers per stem and they have a delicate fragrance. The length of the corona is smaller in jonquils than in daffodils. The petals of the jonquil flower are more rounded, petals of the other varieties are more stretched.
Same as other daffodils the jonquils flower are reliable spring bloomers, resisting damage from rabbits and deer. A good example of a jonquil daffodil is Martinette, as you can see on the picture.

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